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Begin your career working with animals with this entry-level qualification. This course will give you the foundation skills needed to care for animals in a variety of different settings. It's the perfect starting point for a number of streams of animal care including grooming, working in animal shelters or kennels, and veterinary.

Turn your love of animals into a fulfilling career by learning to care for and manage the daily needs of animals. The Certificate II in Animal Studies gives you great.

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. a competent veterinary assistant learning receptionist duties, laboratory procedures, medical terminology, and customer skills. Successful completion of this certificate program will qualify you for an entry-level position as a veterinary assistant. All materials included. Total Hours: 36.00; CEUs: 3.60. View available classes.

Sep 11, 2017. Start date: 2 February 2018. End date: 18 December 2018. Have you always cared for your pets and thinking of pursuing a career in this direction? An animal studies course leads to working with a range of animals providing basic care, maintenance and monitoring health care and wellbeing of animals.

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No longer get frustrated or stressed by your animal's antics by learning what's normal behavior and how to respond to what's not; Build a better relationship by understanding why dogs chase their tails or cats nap; Our online platform is easy to navigate making it fast and simple for you to pick up your studies whenever you.

The certificate II in Animal Studies online course is for people wanting to gain experience in working with animals. It is an entry point into the animal care.

Learn about animal sciences with ICS Canada's online Animal Sciences courses. Start today!

Best Animal Care Online Courses. Back to top. There are also diploma level courses with the study of animal care that include: Diploma of Veterinary Nursing.

Home Study – Pet care, Veterinary, Grooming, Animal Welfare, Dog, Cat and Animal Behaviour Courses and E Books: Free Course Counselling and handbook. Correspondence.

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Free Animal Medicine and Veterinary Studies Courses. Two top universities offer Veterinary and Animal Medicine courses online for free. Whether you are in school to.

Explore these online courses focusing on animal studies, pet training and pet care.

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Dec 7, 2016. Animal Studies. Passionate about animals? Want to work with all creatures great and small? Turn your passion into a career with a course in veterinary or animal. CIT's animal and veterinary courses are ideal for anyone with a passion for animals, and can take you anywhere. A course from CIT can give.

A wealth of studies suggests that pets. the stronger its protective health benefits may be. Of course, not all pets are created equal. Some, in fact, are dangerous. So we asked three animal authorities to dig into the research and cough.

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